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If you're a 'sorta new grad' with LTC exp...

nycNurse2b specializes in Currently: Certified School Nurse.

Have you tried appyling to hospitals yet? I'm a sorta new grad recently hired in a LTC facility. I'm wondering if, down the road, a hospital will hire me.

Have any of you sorta new grads who work LTC had success in trying to get hired by a hospital? Just curious. TIA!

4 years in a subacute... started applying at hospitals in manhattan, bk, north jerz... waited two weeks and sent resumes to LTCs and rehabs... been about a month.. no word at all yet... the market is defintely not what it used to be...

BigB_RN specializes in EKG interpretation, LTC, oncology.

I worked in LTC for 5 months as a new grad, then was offered a position at a hospital.

belle923 specializes in HIV/AIDS, PSYCH.

Congrats BigB...Im currently also working in LTC and have 7 months experience as an RN. How long did it take you to find a job at a hospital? Which hospitals did you apply for along with the positions? Thanks so much for your answers.


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