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IF EB-3 visa for nurses is current...


Specializes in Ambulatory/Occupational (Philippines).

IF EB-3 visa for nurses is current, or your priority date becomes current/available, what will happen next for your approved i140?

For the medical exam, what are the documents needed and the tests to be done?

For the consulate interview, what are the documents needed as well? and what are the usual /general questions being asked?

Should you be working currently in the same industry i.e. Long Term Care facility of your employer or had any experience?

or just being a working nurse (clinic nurse, quality assurance nurse, patient care representative) will do?

or must you have a hospital experience? for how long? and how recently?

I have worked as a clinic nurse for 1 1/2 yr i.e. 2007-2009 here in the Philippines. I'm thinking if I should go to the hospital and have some volunteer/training with them? or can I go back with my previous work or look for another nurse related profession to earn money? or another industry will still grant me of an immigrant visa approval?

I'm really sorry if I have a lot of questions. But I do thank you in advance for your reply. God bless you! :) -Jeane :heartbeat