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IEN studying for NCLEX -- any Certificates/credentials to help land entry health position

skye0901 skye0901 (New) New

Hi Guys!

I'm new at allnurses and I'm glad I found this site. And I'm kinda in need of help so any advice will be greatly appreciated.

Ok so here's the situation, I graduated BSN in 2007 and I'm an RN in the Philippines, but now im in Houston. The last time I took the California's BON NCLEX-RN exam was in 2012, where I failed. After that I didn't try anymore. But now I have my work permit and finally studying for the nclex exam again. I was just wondering what certificates I can take so that I can find a medical or nursing related part time job that pays well so that I can study for the nclex.

I tried to see if I can get a medical assistant, pharmacy tech, or any medical related certificates/license having my BSN background. Please help. Thank you!