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IEN LPN bridging to RN

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Looking to connect with IEN who is an LPN/RPN in Canada and wanting to go further getting her RN.

Let us discuss.

I got my RPN license from CNO in July and still waiting for my RN assessment, but I have decided to apply to schools to see if I will be given an admission to help with my assessment and enable me to write the NCLEX-RN.

I have applied to york university, but looking forward to applying to any other school .please share your tots and options.

Are there other schools you can advise, please?

Thank you

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I am sailing in the same boat too but i thought you have to apply to NNAS for Assessment for RN first before applying to any any school.It is just a thought , i am not very sure. I want so much to hear from you, if you got accepted at York or not, please get in touch

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