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Ideas for a mandatory training?

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Hi all, I'm charged with developing a training for our inpatient psych units in regards to specific illnesses. We have Forensic, Adolescent, and Adult Units. What diagnosis do you wish we're covered in a mandatory training?

hppygr8ful, ASN, RN, EMT-I

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1. Management of Combative Patients.

2. Caring for individuals who Identify as LGBTQ.

3. The effects of anti-psychotic meds on Cholesterol and Blood Sugar.

4. Therapeutic communication across the life span.

5. Self harm in minors and adults.

6. Wound management in the psychiatric patient.

7. Self care for staff working with the psychiatric patient.

8. Setting and maintaining appropriate boundaries.

9. Don't make it personal when a patient is difficult.

10. How to read basic labs and know what variances are normal in the psychiatric patient.

11. Avoiding power struggles with patients.

12. Teamwork among psychiatric staff.


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1 - PTSD for individuals with any situation.

2 - 'therapeutic fibbing' when reality orientation doesn't work with the severely confused, demented, or Alzh pts.

Self-care or avoiding burnout.

Since you mentioned forensics, you could check with agencies your facility frequently works (public defenders, court system, advocacy organizations, etc...), many times they are willing to offer speakers or conduct training.