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what about this for an idea


as of late i'v noticed that the UK forum is getting more members, how about we all have a shot at meeting up somewhere. could be fun. Some one come back with an idea of when and where. Cant be early Nov as I'm meeting with Karen G then but we could make it early December catch a show in london or something, theres quite a few of us from North of the border and quite a few from London what do you think?


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Well, I am not Scottish, and I am not from London, but to meet up would be fun, (and either of those locations would be fine, with me)

working on it whisper

how about somewere in the middle? ive found from another bb that notts seems to be a fairly central place peeps are prepared to travel to. coffee shops their are nice, as is shopping, even on a sat.

but a show in london could be very nice, just means some peeps would have to stay overnite, which for some would be an unaffordable added expense (namely students and thse paying of student loans n overdrafts)


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Staying in London would be dear, the last time I went down to London, I stayed in a travel lodge on the outskirts I found it cheaper!

Perhaps, If we all decide on a show, an early or an afternoon performance, so people can catch the late trains home?

gwenith, BSN, RN

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I have noticd that the UK forum seems to be getting more lively. But we Aussies and Kiwis are still ahead of you on postings and we have a smaller membership so it's about time you stated to catch up!!


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we are working on it Gwenith!!

well we could do afternoon tea somwhere? then people could go home afterwards. the cheapest place to stay in london is a travel lodge/inn. think we need to meet somewhere with good rail links! of course I favour london- how about a trip on the london eye?



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London, Is probably the easiets place for most people to get too, as it does have a good transport system, and lots of stations!

okay then shall we think about London, how about some dates then i'm thinking December but if thats to near christmas what with all theat exspense how about looking into the new year god thas awful 2004 is nearly here, Gwenith how about you taking a hol you could spend a few days with all of us no hotel bills!


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Do you mean straight into the new year... If it before the 12/01/04 I am off uni then, so I could probably get down to London, If that is too soon I don't have my holiday list yet for the rest of the year, but I could probably manage a weekend day (trains depending, I don't trust myself to drive down to and into London.)

What about every one else?


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I'd love to come, dont know quite how I'd get there though? Spose I could fly down for the day if its a day time 'thing', hmm, anyone else thinking on going from Scotland? how are you planning on getting there if you go?:confused: :confused:



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I looked at the cost of flying! Last month there was a special to go shopping in London for £25 return as a special deal... But thats ended now, so I guess I'll just have to catch a train, as buses take too long

Hiya all..

I'd love to get together with everyone.. However.. London is way too far away timewise and expensive for me .. I'm up in Scotland..Sooo sorry i wouldn't be able to make it..


thought i'd replied to this bit worrying really cause i'm sure i did, anyway its probably in cyberspace somewhere, all the scots people i'm gonna drive down if not right into london as near as i safely can, so your all welcome to lifts, I live just outside Glasgow, new year looks promising, what do people want to do just meet up , hang out or catch a show, an even better idea is ....................Karen G has just moved house I feel a paint party coming on, what colours do you like Karen? :roll :roll :rotfl:


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You are braver than me, I don't think I would ever want to drive in London, or all that way down,

I'd get bored and I all ready get too many wierd looks for singing along with the radio and its no fun playing I spy with yourself!

As to what to do, I am pretty much flexiable, not really that fussed what we do, just be nice to meet up.

Would be great to meet up. Just keep us all posted to when and where. i wont drive to london its too busy but may get coach

ok, cause of the exspence of christmas etc the date will be sometime january, if poss while whispes off uni, that leaves us until 12th jan, if people feel london is to far out what about York or somewhere like that, my offer still stands for the scots part of this board i will be driving wherever we decide, so can people get back to me with dates that they can do email me at chrisr127@hotmail.comwith dates and locations and i'll try and draw it all in we could share a travel lodge theres loads of room in them so start thinking about it:idea:

Hi All

excellent idea, I live in the north of England and would be interested in meeting everyone to. Keep in touch re: date, place etc.

Come on all UK nurses get involved........ this will be fun


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