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    I was curious if anyone had any information about St Luke's children? Is it a nice hospital? Specifically interested in if they hire new grad BSNs and how competitive it is to get in there. Also any info on pay would be wonderful!

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  3. by   Mumto4
    It is a nice hospital. I like them a lot. They hire new grads and put them through a program/residency sort of thing. I believe there is information on their website and thru HR on how to apply. I recently spoke with some BSN grads who were hired a 1 1/2 ago and they all seemed like they received a good foundation and they felt they received good support from their units and from the hospital as a whole.
  4. by   OutOfStater
    Awesome! Thanks for the info Mumto4! Do you have any idea what time of year new grads start? I've noticed some programs have new grads starting in June/July and some not until August/Sept.
  5. by   buttercupp85
    I just got hired there as a new grad and love it. Halfway through orientation now! Feel free to pm me with questions
  6. by   OutOfStater
    Thanks buttercupp85! I'll send you a message then

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