RN possibly relocating to Idaho from Indiana

  1. Hello All,
    My husband wants to move to Boise area.........away from our entire families. It's a beautiful place and I only saw a dab" of the area. Hopefully you can help me out with some information: 1.) How expensive are automobile license plates? Insurance?...generally speaking---paid @ $450.00 for plates on "06 Toyota Highlander here.; 2.) RN jobs/wages in the area?; 3.) Best areas to look for decent housing, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? (We know some folks between Boise and Idaho City....the price of land is WAY over the top in the mountains unless you are a well-paid surgeon or attorney, etc).; 4.) Considering talking him into doing some "travel" nursing with me to explore other parts of country as well before settling there, or anywhere for that matter.....anyone know of a great travel agency to consider applying with? Thanks a bunch to all of you.
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