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    I am a Sacramento RN with a dream to move to north Idaho. I am very concerned about the pay. I'm currently making around $55/hour with a promise of a pension (only 19 years to go!). I graduate with my FNP in 1 month and we do not plan on sticking around CA d/t the drug problems, homeless problems, air pollution, bad schools, crime, drought….etc. Our son has asthma and we have the worst air in the country. Our home has been robbed and we do not even live in the city. We have homeless shantytowns at every creek and river nearby. We are DONE.

    I NEED to work dayshift and be close to where we live. I cannot commute any longer. So my question is this: As an NP, can I get a job as a new grad in N.Idaho? If so, will it be close to what I am making as an RN in CA with benefits and good retirement?
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