men in nursing

  1. what is the history of men in nursing?
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    One word for you.......... "google"

    As in

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    Quote from srl5324
    what is the history of men in nursing?
    Remember briefly a short article addressing getting more men into the biz in a nursing journal (last summer, I think).

    Small piece of the write-up included a bit of history. Recall that prior to the 1900s, men constituted more than 50% of the ranks. That statement was pretty memorable (and obviously it's stayed with me for over six months!).
  5. by   elkpark
    My father was an RN in NY in the '30s. He says very few men were nurses at the time. He worked at the state hospital (psych), and tells great (funny) stories about life at the "bughouse" (as he has always referred to it, not me! ) He went on to medical school later and became an anesthesiologist. He met my mother (OR supervisor) after he was an MD, and she has always said that you could really notice the difference between him and the other docs -- he was much more civilized to the nurses, and also cleaned up after himself at the end of a case, instead of leaving all the mess for the nurses to clean up! :chuckle He has also been v. personally interested in my career in nursing all these years, and has been v. encouraging to me.
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    I Get Two Things Nearly Every Day I Work.

    1. Just Because Im A Man Doesnt Mean Im A Doctor...

    2. Men Nurses Are Not Homo.

    Add That To History
  7. by   remrimsgems
    How are Idahoans view men who are LPN's/RN's?

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