Fresh LPN

  1. I am a new LPN looking for a descent job here in the treasure valley. What are the best place to work here that pays well for a new LPN?

    My friend recommended a prison job - but I am not familiar with the environment.

    Any thoughs, ideas ? Thanks.
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  3. by   red_tide_shadow
    41 views and not a single reply?


    Or is it because I'm :
    (1.) an LPN?
    (2.) Fresh?

  4. by   Thunderwolf
    nah....pal, it is just because many members, unfortunately, underutilize the state forums. some state forums are more active and some are but at a creapy crawl. your post and you are fine.

    two things:
    1) go to the forensic nursing and/or to the lpn / lvn corner
    and make a similar'll get feedback, but maybe not in your state

    2) go to them anyway and place a general invite to anyone from idaho to come back here to your post (by copying and pasting this link into your post there.)

    i wish you the best