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  1. i will be graduating in december... having a hard time finding open positions anywhere other than twin falls... so my question is can i use my temporary license outside the state of idaho?
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  3. by   CSB4Nurse
    Im am Licensed Currently in the State of Oklahoma and am now applying for Temporary Licensure in the State of Idaho... Did you happen to have any luck finding employment with your temporary license?
  4. by   Charmander
    Nope. The Graduate Nurse Temporary license is for Idaho only... Unfortunately with the abundance of nurses and shortage of jobs, hospitals can be picky and would most likely take a new grad that had already passed the NCLEX. So with that in mind, I would suggest not paying the extra for your GN and just focusing on the NCLEX. Word on the street is that jobs will be opening up in the Boise area in the next few months. I doubt they will be hiring groups of 50.... but more than now. Good luck!
  5. by   ashley119
    I graduate this December. And would prefer to move to the Boise or Twin Falls area. Any word on whether they think they will still be hiring new grads, or is everyone there still only wanting experienced nurses?

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