ICU - overwhelmed, exhausted


I started in the peds cardiac ICU this past Summer. I have two years of experience previously on a Cardiac peds step down unit.
My orientation went well, I learned a ton. I’ve been on my own for almost two months now and I’m feeling so anxious to go into work each day. I don’t love my job/nursing the way I did before because I’m so scared all the time. I feel like I’m getting easier assignments than my peers who started with me and it makes me feel like I’m not as smart as them, or that the charges trust them more. For example, I’ve only had one intubated kid since getting off (which honestly I’m still so scared of intubated patients so I’m not complaining, just think it’s odd).
I just feel like there is so much I don’t know and I’m just feeling so overwhelmed and I don’t know how I’ll ever be good as a nurse again.