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ICU as new bsn grad


Hello, I've been told it is difficult to get a job as an icu nurse if you are a new grad, and that you must work your way up almost as if it is a promotion. Is this true? Or is getting hired in an icu just as difficult as any other unit?


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Taking care of the sickest patients in the hospital? Yeah, it can be difficult, but try ... some new grads do get hired.

So the icu is usually reserved for experienced RNs?

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It depends on each individual unit. My MICU regularity hires new grads with a fantastic orientation program. Some units only want experienced nurses, best to ask current ICU nurses in the units you'd like to work on who they typically hire.


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Make sure they have a very good orientation program for new grads. If they do, you will be successful. If not, try working on the floor first to hone your assessment and time-management skills.