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ICF/IDD group homes

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Question: self-breast examinations: is an LVN responsible to perform monthly breast exams on a client with IDD? For those that work in an ICF group home program what have you experienced?


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I would lean towards yes, but not as a matter of course. I am a community health nurse for clients with IDD. I would consider a routine breast exam without cause too invasive, but if their direct care staff, guardian, or client themselves expressed concern about a lump, abnormal discharge, nipple changes, that would be appropriate. Manual breast exams aren't a regular part of even a head to toe assessment, so I would lean towards saving them for times there is a concern to investigate. Visual inspection is enough for routine.

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At my agency, the LPNs do quarterly head to toe assessments. These assessments are complete and thorough including a breast examination for females. They aren't done every month. I wouldn't think it would be necessary in this field to do them every month unless something is suspected. It really depends upon the policy of your agency.