I want to be a Nurse! UBC Advice?


I am about to go in Grade 12 and I've been leaning towards Nursing as my career. My mom's a nurse and I've always admired her and how passionate she is with her work and I want to be involve with something that she has. I really want to go to UBC but I'm scared because my GPA is not that good. My supplemental is above average but I want to add more. Do you have any advice or suggestions to make my application for UBC "attractive"?.

Thank You! :)


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Have you talked to your mom about nursing? Since she is already in the field, ask her how her work place is. Ask her, what it is they are looking in a nursing student. Maybe then you might get an idea of what you need to do. Is there a particular field you are interested in?


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You can't apply to Nursing at UBC directly out of high school...you need a minimum of 60 credits (2 years) of university studies. I would recommend taking general studies at ubc and then applying, or else applying to other schools where you can start directly out of grade 12 like Langara and Douglas (and even then I think there's some pre reqs you need).