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I want to help!

by Deandra Deandra (New) New Nurse

Specializes in GYN. Has 5 years experience.

Hello all! I’ve recently relocated to Dallas permanently from Arizona, I hold a multi state license. I am not currently employed but eagerly wanting to help during this extreme time of need! I am open to anything and everything, please share of any places that are searching for extra help! Thanks!

Just me.

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I wonder if contacting the BON in Texas would help?

TriciaJ, RN

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I would check with local agencies. They will have been called on to recruit additional personnel to facilities most in need.

If you have an account in the job sites (Career Builder, Zip Recruiter, Indeed, etc) recruiters will be contacting you directly for immediate placement. I was hired in 2 days working for the local health department due to the virus. A recruiter called me after seeing my resume.

Good luck!