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I can't wait till next year can I just take my NCLEX in vegas

due to unforeseen circumstances, I graduated this Spring 20' but I can't take my test until January 2021. I have this crazy idea to just go to vegas, take the NCLEX there, and transfer it back to Hawaii so I can work. I think I have a shot here actually if I'm reading the info correctly, I just wanted to know if anyone else had any similar stories, or advice?

The NCLEX can be taken anywhere, there is no need to transfer anything, as it's a national exam.

Some Las Vegas new grads were finding it difficult to get their preferred testing dates, so they booked exams in California or Arizona. Las Vegas has one testing site and Southern California has dozens. Other Las Vegas new grads were able to get Las Vegas testing by checking regularly for availability.

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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As stated above, NCLEX is a national exam. Once you have your ATT, you can schedule your exam anywhere it is offered. As long as you’ve applied for licensure in Hawaii and indicated that’s where the results should go, you’re fine.


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