I truly want to know.....


Why do new grads come to this General Nursing Forum to recount, step by step, their personal experience with the NCLEX exam? I'll bet I see at least 3 such posts daily. And I truly do not understand the compulsion to delineate one's personal experience, detailed to the nth degree, of studying for and taking the exam. How many questions before shut-off. How many questions of x,y,z type & character. The brand name of study materials and percentage of successful practice questions.

(And, of course, how to obtain immediate results, which is a whole other thread.)

Is this a thing to do simply because we live in an Internet blog-ish type culture?

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Various reasons:

1. NCLEX is very stressful - posting on AN is stress relief

2. Due to massive stress, sometimes new posters aren't always aware that there is an NCLEX forum

3. Recounting in detail relates once again to stress relief.

Hope this answers your question....

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