I did something that now makes me think I was acting like a druggie/doper/thief...

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It's called boundaries. We all learn that in Nursing school. You did not overreact. I would have done the same thing. She may feel bad for doing that.



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You're worrying for no reason. I don't think anyone thought you were a thief, etc. They probably feel bad that they invaded your personal space. Don't stress and move on. Keys were found and everything is fine. :)

TopazLover, BSN, RN

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I just had something like that happen this week. A nurse started to put her hand in my scrub jacket for keys. I knew they were in my pants pocket and immediately stopped her. I can dig in my own pockets, thank you.

There are times we invite others to get in our pockets. If you know you have tape or NS flushes and they are needed, you can invite. That is not a blank permission to grope anytime, for anything.

I am sure you are the only person that thinks your reaction was of a thief. Many of us have been there.


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you did nothing wrong!! she had no right to put her hands on you no matter how good a friend she is!! dont beat yourself up one more second!

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I would have innately reacted the same way. I remember once, a patient came into the Coumadin clinic I work in, and she started caressing my face saying "My favorite nurse is here". I was so horrified that I literally shoved her hand away (not hard) and told her that I don't want ANYONE touching my face. She looked shocked and I said that spatial issues are individual and I teach myself not to invade someone's space unnecessarily. I mean, really...they tell us in school about the different cultures to prepare us (and of course, that information is generalized) on how to interact, yet, we allow ourselves to be pinched, caressed or violated in such a way to make a living taking care of people??

I hope that I explained myself to this patient in a respectable manner, however, to be frank, I don't care how she felt, nor would I care how a collague would have taken it either, when I say "hands off". We teach this to our children, so, we have a right to feel the same way.


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I'd'a done the same thing. I don't take well to having my personal space invaded. The only time I take kindly to someone getting in my scrub pockets is when I have sterile gloves or contaminated gloves on and my phone needs answering or someone needs my keys.



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I have very distinct personal boundary issues. I think the "uninvited pocket diver" was way out of bound and just rude. I won't get into an elevator that has more than about 3 people in it. I'm not "stand-offish", I just not terribly touchy-feely. I don't like any part of "me" being touched without asking first, this includes my clothes.

You absolutely did not over-react. It's one thing to indicate that yeah, I have "whatever" in my pocket and you can go fishing for it. It's a whole 'nother thing to just plunge your hand in my pocket without asking. Just plain ole rude, rude, rude.


PS: I'm from the deep South where we'll "honey" and "sweetie pie" you to death.



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I don't think you overreacted to the situation. It was incredibly rude and unprofessional for your coworker to start pawing through your scrub pockets WHILE YOU WERE WEARING YOUR SCRUBS. You were more polite than I would have been in that situation.

I do, however, think you are seriously overreacting to your reaction. You shouldn't be stressing out over this, much less losing sleep over it. If you didn't do anything wrong and you didn't have anything you shouldn't have had in your pockets, then that's all that's important.

If someone wants to jump to wild conclusions, I'd pretty much just think "well, screw them."

leslie :-D

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dang, imo she's lucky you didn't smack her hand.

i think that would have been my 'reflex'.

let it go and move on.

next time someone wonders about the keys, you'll know to take a step back.:chuckle



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Coworkers have done that to me on occasion, looking for mints or gum. It always gets me pi$$ed, altho I don't show it, its an invasion of privacy, like if someone went into my pocketbook, I don't even let my husband in their and I have never had anything to hide from him, its just MY SPACE

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dang, imo she's lucky you didn't smack her hand.

i think that would have been my 'reflex'.

let it go and move on.

next time someone wonders about the keys, you'll know to take a step back.:chuckle


Leslie - you are right! My hand probably had a reflex action and connected with hers.

Like some of the other posters, I live in the South (Louisiana), and my space is my space. If I want you to get in my pocket for something, I will ask you to. It will usually be if I am sterile and need something from my pocket, tape, ect.

Anne, RNC


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It is just plain not polite to put your hand in someones pocket. I can't imagine why she did that.

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