I am so sick....

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Of all these threads that keep popping up WARNING people not to go into nursing! Do the people who start those threads really think we don't know the job market sucks right now? It sucks for everyone!!

Do they really think they are going to get people, who have dreams of being a nurse, to change their mind and go into something else?

When people post that they can't find a job, they don't want to hear people say, "well I tried to warn you not to go into nursing." They are looking for support and maybe a glimmer of hope!

I ask anyone that reads this, if you see a "don't go into nursing thread" just let it die!! Arguing with the OP is never going to get them to change their mind. They just want to rile people up!


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I completely agree ... but unfortunately not everyone has the sense of mind to ignore these kinds of threads. I think that anything that brews drama on here gets the most hits! I am the first to admit however that I enjoy getting out the popcorn and watching the spectacle unroll. :D



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LOL, pass the popcorn!



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There seven people in my house, and we all use the same account to post. The owner of the house is an accupational therapist whose brother and his girlfriend graduated from an great RN program in 2009. She's tired of them sitting home with no jobs, so she posted one of those threads.



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I agree. Many people cant find jobs right now. 14.6 million people in this country are unemployed. The economy has affected every industry, I feel sorry for the people that cant find jobs, they just need to be persistent, stay positive, and not give up hope.

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Hang in there everybody!

The whole 'projected needs' and 'nursing shortage' thing is a myth... based on the number of positions that the so-called experts think should be there based on population statistics.. NOT on actual jobs available. So it's all pretty much smoke and mirrors. Sadly, this mass delusion has attracted huge numbers of people into nursing who are really pi$$ed to discover that those wonderful jobs are nowhere to be found - or the job is somewhere else in the country and they can't/won't relocate.

I can understand the anger. No one likes to be made a fool of. It's only natural to be upset when you realize that you believed something that was not true -- especially if it cost you enormous effort & a lot of money.

Already I am seeing more news stories about nurses who can't find jobs, so maybe the furor will die down. Just hang in there; the 'angry' people will probably give up and head off searching for another pot of gold and it will even out eventually. In the meantime, we still need talented new nurses to replace those of us who are getting more creaky and decrepit each day.



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i agree!


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While it's true that people aren't falling all over themselves begging new grads to please pretty please come work for them. . .

1. It will get better. Probably not like 20 years ago, but it will get better.

2. A statistic says nothing about YOU, your initiative, how you use your potential, and how you make yourself more attractive to potential employers down the line.

3. Nursing is an incredibly diverse occupation, and the opportunities to advance your education are the stuff of dreams compared to what it was for decades prior; because of the internet.

4. Realism is far different than negativism. Be realistic. Then get creative. I really wonder why people start threads for the specific purpose of raining on another's parade.

I'll take my own advice and be positive. Thank your lucky stars that a person who is that sour has decided to pursue other choices, making nurses as a whole just that much more uplifting and supportive.



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there are jobs,we might not like the pay,or the place.i might here i'm not going into LTC or they don't pay enough. i'm waiting to take the nclex and have been looking 4 jobs i've seen pay rate as low as 15.00 a hr but u know i will take it.good luck qone in there job search.

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I understand your frustration too. Even though I'm not validating why those posters do it, but they do it because they are so frustrated they can't get a job as a nurse.

However, we can't seem to ignore those discouraging threads. There will be two "don't go into nursing" threads created and we will continue to post and bump up those threads for more people to continue posting in them. You don't think that's exactly what they want us to do?? In the latest one, I suggested we let the nonsense thread die,15 pages later, it's going strong.

So, I've decided when another one pops up, I will pass it by. Hopefully, others will receive that same revelation. This is the Pre-nursing student forum, lets try to encourage each other about classes/prerequisites, etc. Most of us aren't nurses yet in this particular forum, so lets stay focused on graduating from this forum and enter the world of Student Nurse or even Graduate Nurse. When I graduate from my nursing school, I will come back to this forum and encourage the next generation of "Pre-nursing students".

I understand the frustration too; what I don't understand is letting someone else use your account to post warnings against going in to nursing when the account owner is a prospective nursing student. That's an account I'll never be able to take seriously again.

I think realism is key in this market. I knew what I was getting in to, am cautiously optimistic that things appear to be getting better in my area and that I go to a school with a great reputation, and that I can market myself well.

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I agree with the others. next time a thread like that pops up, we should all just ignore it. Attention is exactly what it wants