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do I ready for the NCLEX???? need help~

azz8806 azz8806 (New) New

I currently study for HURST and KAPLAN

I did two hurst q backs with socres 80/125 and 84/125

my kaplan trainer scores are

1 61.3%

2 54.7%

3 60%

4 65%

5 63%

6 55.5%

I just finish taking the Qt6, and the result makes me soo frustrated.I know that the goal for kaplan Qt 6 and 7 are 60s, I still have one week until to take the NCLEX, Im gonna take the Qt 7 next week.

Take heart... The pass rate for 1st time, US-educated takers is 85%... If that describes you, you're quite likely to pass.

Thx for replying me! That actually give me more hope!