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I passed on 6th attempt

Hey all thanks for all your encouragement. I passed on my 6th attempt and I couldn’t be happier. Uworld is the way to go if you’re struggling. The rationales are excellent and read them all. I wrote down whatever I didn’t understand and Prayer y’all. Gods got you. Also watch this video changed my whole perspective on assembly tools in general and for the naysayers. My percentile on Uworld was low but my knowledge content was very high because I was learning and not worrying about a score.

Just watched the video and wow his perspective is very refreshing- to think about this as a learning tool rather than an assessment/score tool. And congrats on passing! I’m very happy for you!

OH MY GOSH, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so happy for you 🙂 Good for you for not giving up. You can be an inspiration to many


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