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I passed my 3rd time!!!


Hi guys, I read this page so many times and promised i would tell my story. I failed the NCLEX 2 times. I studied questions for 6 weeks 4 hours a day. I took the test 8/21/14 i felt like i didnt pass. I did the PVT thing and got a "good pop up". I went to the BON and my # was there. i passed DONT EVER GIVE UP!!!!!! You can do it too.

Congrats! What questionaires did you study?

Thank you! I really can't refer any good study material b/c i feel like the test questions was nothing like the books. I did a CD that had over 2500 questions everyday for 6 weeks. I also got on Youtube to look at things like traction's,central lines, how the liver works, reading EKG etc. Just to really understand the content. I started answering the questions much better b/c i could see these things in my head.

what state are you? would you mind sharing some hint topic// thanks ahead:yes:

Hey, I'm from Ohio. I don't really have any big tips. I just studied really hard and took the test.