I passed NCLEX! here is what i did....


Hello, just wanted to let you all know that i passed NCLEX, and what i did to prepare for it...I used Saunders, and Kaplan strategies book. I studied for 2.5 weeks for about 5 hours every day, i have a newborn so some days i would pull all nighters and study because he would not sleep! I reviewed each section of the saunders book for example one day i would study cardio and endocrine and would do the questions in the book for those two sections, then i would do the CD for saunders and practice more questions on those two systems. I really liked saunders and recommend it! Also, the thread on this board "quick facts" really helped! when ever you are tired of doing study questions go through and read them! It is possible to pass NCLEX without having to spend tons of money on review classes, good luck to all future test takers!


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congrats!! you can now move onto bigger and better things and be the great nurse you always wanted to be!!

im using saunders for my second time around and am doing a similar technique! thanks for the tip!

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Are the questions from saunders similiar to the actual nclex questions?

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congratulations!!! :yelclap:

Are the questions from saunders similiar to the actual nclex questions?

NO, the questions from saunders are not similar to NCLEX, however the saunders questions help you better understand the patho for the diseases, so they are good! especially the cd that comes with saunders, has lots of practice questions, saunders pretty much gives you your foundation of knowledge so taht you CAN answer all of those practice questions. However, i only used saunders for practice questions, and a little bit of the kaplan strategies book and passed, so that might work for you too!

NCLEX questions are not "tricky" they are pretty much straight forward in my opinion. the answers are vague, and you do have to choose the "best answer"

Thx for your help! and Congrats on your achievement :wink2:

I passed my NCLEX more than a week ago. I used kaplan and did about 360 saunders questions. I got 3-4 SATAs. Before the test, I was so worried about SATAs and I never did good on SATAs. I am glad that I got only 3-4 SATAs and I am very thankful to God that I PASSED!!. Honestly when I was doing NCLEX I had questions that I never heard of and there was only one familair question on the test. All other questions I just guessed. I know I passed this test because of my faith in GOD. He was always there for me. So my suggesstion is to do your best and believe in youself and believe in GOD. !

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