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I PASSED NCLEX-RN! My story and how I did it :D


So I posted a thread on here a few days ago about how I thought I failed NCLEX but I decided to make one explaining how I passed because these type of posts is what inspired me while I was studying for NCLEX and I HOPE it will be helpful to those who will read it.


-> Long story threads were my personal favorite during to read during my NCLEX studying breaks, lol.


I graduated nursing school end of January 2015. My school had provided Kaplan for review so my Diagnostic Test was 50% and Readiness was 53%. That honestly made me discouraged but I continued to think positive because I had time to focus primarily on studying and not papers and clinical (woo!) Now, I did take a break for almost two weeks and just lightly studied by doing Kaplan Question Trainers 1-3 (these are more content based), reviewing them, and reading every rationale even if I got them right. I did this for ALL the Trainers, QBank, and Sample Tests. Additionally, I also used the NCLEX Mastery App and used it every day until I finished it as well as the Saunders Q&A Flashcards but honestly, I never finished those because I was crunched on time and wanted to finished other things such as the QBANK.

In the middle of February for 3 weeks, 4x a day for about 2-3 hours until the first week of March I had study group with some of my classmates/friends. We decided that after each study session, we would do 50 questions on the systems/subject we studied on. My classmate/friend who made the study group had attended a Life Savers Review and shared us what she learned which I am sure was helpful for her to remember as she taught us but we also each brought input when we could. We added any info from the Saunders Comprehensive Review, 6th Edition if her review didn't have what Saunders had. We had also decided that the rule was is to do 50 questions after each study session. But because study session didn't start until 6PM, I did the PDA book by LaCharity, HeyRona YT Flashcards she has a download link to on her YT video, and read the 35 Page Study Guide found on here and finished all these by the time study group sessions was over.

AFTER study group sessions were over, it was time to reinforce that information by studying what I had studied during study group and did the Hurst Review which is amazing for content and understanding diseases and how things work. I would try talking/teaching to my dogs (LOL) about concepts or just talk to myself in order to understand something or remember something more.

Next, I did questions, questions, and did I mention questions? I literally did 5000+ questions before I took NCLEX. I did questions from again Kaplan, Hurst, PDA, Exam Cram, Saunders Q&A Cards, and NCLEX Mastery App. I probably did more than 100+ questions for hours almost everyday. I watched the Kaplan Review of Question videos because the woman helped you critically think to pick the best answer for the question you are answering. It didn't bother me or phase me because I took breaks and I honestly enjoyed it. It kept my mind thinking NCLEX! I honestly kept doing this until two days before my exam. I also looked over Hurst information about 3 days prior just to look things over again.

In regards to the my scores on Kaplan for those who might be curious but PLEASE do NOT compare yours to mine and think you have to scores like I did. Everyone had various scores and still passed. REMEMBER THAT!

Overall Performance on QBANK: 56.0%

I'm gonna be honest with the QBANK, I kind of did the whole go with the gut answers because I was more interested in getting in the information and reading the rationales which take longer.


I took QTRAINERS 4-7 more seriously because my school explained it that these are more like NCLEX because it is more critical thinking.

Q1: 59%

Q2: 55%

Q3: 57%

Q4: 57%

Q5: 67%

Q6: 85%

Q7: 85%

(I did Q4 & Q5 during my time when I had study group sessions and did Q6 & Q7 AFTER finishing all my content reviewing)


1: 60%

2: 64%




-I relaxed as much as I could. I got my nails done and eyebrows done. I tried to stay out of the house as much as possible because I knew if I stayed home, I would study. I went to church that day and I also had asked my boyfriend days prior if we could have dinner. That night, I read strategies for NCLEX, the Exam Cram Sheet, HeyRona YT Flash Cards, and the 35 Page Study Guide because I knew that I wouldn't have time to review them since my test was at 8AM and did this until I slept like a baby. I also made sure to pack my snacks, glasses (I like wearing contacts but sometimes I rub my eyes and my contacts pop out so I was paranoid that would happen aha), license and Pearson Vue paper thingy, and picked my clothes out. I also packed peppermint canes to snack on (as well as other snacks of course) and peppermint oil because it supposedly can help with focusing.


-My exam was at 8AM. I woke up early enough to shower, do my make-up, eat breakfast, and dressed comfortably. My Dad dropped me off because he wanted to be there as support and I was there by 730 going through the palm scan and everything. I kept thinking positive thoughts as much as I could. I prayed in the waiting room along with a few others that we all pass that day.


-I did the first question and thought I could do this. That went downhill the more I did questions. My thoughts during the exam is that I thought I had failed because I thought the NCLEX was just being way too easy on me. But I still prayed and kept trying to be positive. I mean, I cannot give too much away but just know I BARELY had any SATA. Only 5-6 at the most! So do NOT believe you need SATA to be doing well. I remember begging God to give me more and even asked for more questions. I had to take a break to clear my head because again, I thought I was failing. I kept asking myself why wasn't it getting harder But I tried to calm myself down, prayed again, ate a candy cane, and put some peppermint oil on my pressure points, and ended up getting the blue screen at 75 questions. Raised my hand and got out of there as quickly as I could while shaking.


-I cried. I cried the moment I called my dad in the elevator until the moment he had the pick me up and after he picked me up, LOL. So I basically cried hardcore. I thought I had failed. People on here were NOT kidding when they say you thought you failed. But I didn't think I failed because it was hard, I thought I failed because it was kind of too easy and thought I needed 20+ SATA to pass. I did do the PVT trick and got the good-pop before and after 24 hours which made me more at ease but still couldn't shake it off mind. Regardless, I continued to pray and think positive. I literally had the words PASS engraved in my mind and heart. Although I couldn't help but still doubt, I believed more.


-I paid for QuickResults and I cried and spread the good news! I went to church to say thanks to the Lord. WOO! :D


-Make a study plan, be realistic about it with your study habits, and STICK WITH IT. But don't beat yourself over it if you can't stick with it perfectly. My study plan was about 2 months including the study group sessions.

-THINK NCLEX! Do whatever you can to think NCLEX. Make it FUN! Like if I saw my dad eating a banana I would be like, "that has potassium as well as potatoes, cherries, and etc. and you want to eat these type of foods if you are hypokalemic and the S&S of hypokalemia are this while the S&S of hyperkalemia is this!" I really think that helped my brain in thinking. I was also watching television shows like Untold Stories of the ER to stay on that healthcare wavelength if I was taking a break or rest day (if those existed) [:

-Speaking of breaks, Do NOT be afraid to take a break or multiple breaks while studying. To be honest, studying for hours and all day made me focused. But I combined that with multiple breaks that be 5 minutes long or an hour. I have to admit though. It was hard NOT go a day without studying I had to learn to go out and fun! It got to the point that my parents made me eat lunch or dinner with them to get things off my mind for a few hours, aha.

-DO WHAT YOU DID THAT MADE YOU PASS NURSING SCHOOL in combination with what other people have done by using them and seeing if it works for YOU. If it doesn't, move on! Stick to your roots.

-DON'T ONLY MEMORIZE! You need to understand how a system works. You need to understand why a medication affects a patient a certain way such as give them hypotension. Know the basics before you can be advanced!

-Don't be afraid to change your date if you aren't ready. I changed mine because I kept doubting myself and didn't get to finish what I wanted to get done so I pushed mine a week after.

-I believe visualization and giving off positive thoughts is what helps bring what you want!

I posted inspiriting quotes all over my room, posted the words PASS in my bathroom and all over my room, I even put my name with RN in my bathroom as well and all over my room, and posted things such as, "YOU WILL PASS NCLEX! YOU CAN DO IT! THE LORD IS WITH YOU!" I even changed the background and lock screen of my phone into the image of the Pearson Vue Quick Results 'Pass' so I could look at it and focus on it. Again, I made everything about me NCLEX.

-In regards to positivity, I only read the positive stories on the all nurses forum. I did this mostly during my breaks. If I saw the words FAIL, I ignored it. Not to be mean but I was really trying to harbor positivity with me as much as I could. I even went on IG to look at hashtag 'NCLEX' to see people passing their NCLEX results or license and imagining that as me.

-TAKE YOUR TIME FOR EACH QUESTION. You can look for answers sometimes within the answers itself on the NCLEX. But ALWAYS go with your gut. Utilize that dry-erasee board if you have to!

-Do NOT believe you need SATA to be doing well. Again, I BARELY got any. But I did get many priority, who to see first, and patient teachings!

-MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you believe in God, positivity, and faith, PRAY. Pray every day as much as you can. I prayed before I took my test and I prayed after. I prayed when I started each question and prayed as I clicked NEXT. God will always answer your prayers if you have faith. I prayed at Church every Sunday and lit a candle the week of my test.


-Hurst Review

-Kaplan Qbank, Trainers, Sample Tests

-Prioritization, Delegation, and Assignment by LaCharity, 3rd Edition

-Saunders Comprehensive Review 6th Edition

-NCLEX-RN Exam Cram, 4th Edition

-NCLEX Mastery APP

-35 Page Study Guide from AllNurses Forum

-HeyRona on YouTube Flash Cards


Credit to those who posted on here! I said these literally EVERYDAY/NIGHT and every moment I could.

-"I can do everything through him who gives me strength." Philippians 4:13

-"God, you are my source of wisdom. Your spirit guides me, your love enfolds me, and your light inspires me. Please be with me on my testing day. Guide me with your strength, courage, and glory. Let me enter those doors to the testing center with all of my burdens handed to you. i ask that you take away all our fears and anxieties. Help to guide me with the knowledge that you have given to me. In you, all things are possible. Thank you Lord for all that I have all and I have accomplished. In Jesus name I pray, Amen."

-"For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plant o give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11

-"Dear Lord, Into your hands I place my worries, and troubles. Info your wisdom, I place my path, direction, and my goal. Into your love, I place my life."

-"I am SO intelligent. I passed the NCLEX on the 1st try with 75 Questions!"



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I responded on your other thread too.. But your story is simply amazing!! Thank you for sharing, again!! He he:)

You posting is very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

I need to work on nursing contents so I am thinking to buy Hurst review contents instead of the whole online courses because I have already paid so much for Kaplan, Sauders etc. Do you know where I can get Hurst Review materiels? Thank you very much.

Just look online! I know they have a quizlet full of Hurst info. Although if you can get videos, get them!


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soooo crazy sounds exactly like my story last week from the sticky notes, to the long study hours, to my husband making my stop studying, even to my very very very easy 75 questions!!! haha congrats to u!!!! God is good!

Wow great story! congrats, to God be the Glory :))

LuvCash RN, ASN

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Love your post so inspirational, congratulations!!

Great inspiring post... congratulations!!

I just received my ATT today. I am TERRIFIED! I book marked this post so I can come back and read your inspirational story and quotes :) Thanks so much! Congratulations! God is GOOD! :)

I just received my ATT today. I am TERRIFIED! I book marked this post so I can come back and read your inspirational story and quotes :) Thanks so much! Congratulations! God is GOOD! :)

I remember that feeling! I hope for the best for you! You can do it! With God, all things are possible :D

Thank you! Waiting for Att. I have taken a couple of weeks off. But I have started my ati focused review. Would like to test second week of June. I'm going to stick with my plan. I just pray my school has prepared me as well as the 98 percent pass rate on compredictable. Congrats to you!