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I passed MATC's HESI today1/22/15!

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I did it! I am so very thankful and feel very blessed because I did not get a chance to study like I normally would have. I feel like if I had studied like I normally do (instead of a one week, half hearted effort), then I would have done better than a 914. As you may know MATC requires a 900 so I feel as though I may be on the bottom of the petition list. Anywho, I found the test to be at a medium level as far as difficulty. It wasn't easy but if you have studied the test taking strategies, therapeutic communication, delegation, your med calculation formula and retained a lot of the info from your LPN program days then you can pass. I do recommend Saunders NCLEX-RN book because as I went through rationales and my book I was able to find those types of questions addressed in the book. Good luck!

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