I need someone to Interview, A NICU nurse for school

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I Am in my second year of nursing school and I need to interview someone in the specialty field of nursing, you can email me these are the following questions I would ask

  • What are the duties performed during a typical day? week? month?
  • What education preparation is necessary? (identify whether desirable and or those that are indispensable)
  • What degree do the employers look for?
  • What kind of work experience would employers look for in a job applicant?
  • What steps, other than education preparation are necessary to "break into" this occupation/career>
  • What are opportunities for advancement?
  • Which skills are most important to acquire?
  • What are the main or most important personal characteristics for success in this field?
  • What are some related occupations?
  • What are the demands and frustrations that typically accompany this type of work?
  • What types of technology are used and how are they used?
  • Is this a growing field?



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Understand a lot of students post here wanting the same thing....manners in how you are asking for help go a long way. Also you might utilize the search feauture to find some of these answers.

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