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I need a pharmacology course

linoleum linoleum (New) New

I am in a Masters NP program, but I was accepted in the Spring of last year. I have been taking extra classes, and attending over the summer in order to catch up to the Fall entry students. I am now projected to graduate Spring of 2017.


I missed out on Pharmacology. And this is a prerequisite for some of the upcoming Fall 2016 classes. It will not be offered at my school until next Spring, which will put me at least a year behind for graduation.

I did speak with my adviser, and I may take Pharmacology from another school over the summer online, provided it is approved by my school of course.

So, do any of you know of a Graduate-level Advanced Pharmacology for Nurse Practitioners class that I can join over the summer (without having to be accepted to that school's NP program) which is likely to be acceptable for transfer credit (such as meeting AACN Essentials)?


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