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what do I need to know when shifting from volunteer to paid?


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So, after years of being a volunteer, our medical director has come up sick and I've been asked to take over (almost certainly just for this year).

This is a paid position, which makes me wonder if I need to know things I don't about liability, malpractice insurance etc.

Also, as a director (California) what laws and nurse practice acts will I be expected to know,




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Since no one has responded, I would say to refresh yourself on boundaries as what you can do or can't. You are a nurse who can do nurse things but not things a doctor would do. Like you can't diagnose or act without standing orders. Look over the standing orders. Look over the logs, look at the medication policy and need-to-know information given to parents for the medical piece. You screen campers coming in, look over medications and forms, you keep parents informed of camper illness and make dr appts AFTER you speak with the parent. Go by the set up protocol and ask the head director for guidance since you are new. Also talk to the past director if possible if not just ask questions even if they seem small. Speak up and you should do fine. You know the basic and you will learn with experience.