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I need insurance for nursing school...?


I need to get insurance because my school doesn't offer the type of insurance I need...They only have accident and sickness insurance...I want to get regular health coverage and I think we have to get student malpractice insurance....I go to Brookdale Community College, and if you were in Nursing school there or know somebody who went there can you please help me!

DolceVita, BSN, RN

Specializes in IMCU. Has 9 years experience.

You know I am not sure you do need malpractice insurance. Check with your admin office. Our instructor said our college covered us and that even if we got insurance the lawsuit people go for the place with the deepest pockets (i.e. the school).

Like I said check with you admin or see if it is in your nursing program handbook.

if you do need malpractice insurance go to nso.com thats where i got mine though and i dont know how it will be in your state but i know its only 29.50 a year for me as a student in virginia.just check it out and see...hope this helps