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I need help on research for ways to improve staffing

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I am a on-line graduate student. I have just started. I have never been in administration, so it is hard for me to "think outside my box." I would like to know if anyone out there can tell me how I can prove a point that more nursing hours/patient staffing ratio are needed in the hospital setting. I need 12-13 references to back me up. Please advise me on this. I need a proposal in ASAP.



Dear Jeansan

You can visist a site called pubmed and put your quary as " shortage of nurses", and i believe you will be able to get many research studies on this particuler issue. if you still have any concerns, let me know how can i help you.

you can also look for something like "nurse patient ratio" and i hope you will get good articles

best of luck

Parveen Azam :nono:

Look up articles and research by these two authors: Linda Aiken and Peter Buerhaus. Both are actively researching this topic and have been for years.

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