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I need your help. Can I interview you?


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I need your help! I currently am in WGU's RN-BSN program and I have a paper due in which I need to interview certain nurses. I need to interview a nurse practioner, research nurse, staff RN with a BSN or MSN, administrative nurse, and an nurse that does education. If you have some time to answer 12 questions for me let me know. I would greatly and sincerely appreciate it.

Thank you, Lisa


Has 6 years experience.

Anyone? Please I really need your help.

i have an ADN working for the BSN... You can interview me if it counts........


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I would try asking in the general nursing section and/or the different specialties you need.


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Lisa I had problems getting these as well, email me at scooper@wgu and I will send you mine. I received them from the course mentor.