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I Need help advancing at the VA west la

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by JudithA JudithA (New) New Nurse

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Hello my name is Judy and I’ve been working at the west la VA since 2017. I work on a medsurge floor and at this point I’m ready to advance my career from floor nursing to something more. I’ve been applying and getting interviews but no one wants to hire me. I’ve been to at least 10 interviews within the VA and I never get a call back. Even interviews where I seem to be over qualified for the job or did really well in, I don’t get. I’m completely down about this. I have my masters and I’m just not happy doing floor nursing. If anyone can help me get a better job within the VA system of Long Beach, downtown LA, or surrounding areas, I would appreciate it. I’m now seeing you have to know someone to get a job, doesn’t matter if you try on your own merit. I think it’s best to exercise my talents elsewhere in helping the VETERANS rather than being somewhere I don’t love. Thank you.


p.s. I can send my resume if you are willing to help me.

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