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I need to found out about the LPN courses?

by ConfusedGrl ConfusedGrl (New) New

hi im currently taking my pre-rex for the nursing program but the requirements are high and i wanted to know more about the LPN course. if anyone here can help me out that would be nice. does lgcc's lpn course take 21 or older or can you be 18. thank you so much. im new to this site so i need help. :yawn: nursing course does make me feel discouraged and it makes me feel i wouldnt be able to do it since im a average student.

Try going through the Board of Education's Adult and Continuing Education. They have an LPN program. Check out NYC.gov. Look under the Center for Economic Opportunity and search programs. HHC has a free LPN program, but you have to work for them for 2 yrs after completion.

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