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I need a change nursing homes are full of drama

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by Mfrazier73 Mfrazier73 (New Member) New Member

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Hi my name is Monica and I am a lpn I have been working nursing homes for most of my career as a nurse n cna I need a change with less stress and less drama any suggestions. Not only is it drama with staff but the residents as well I must say nursing homes have changed....smh HELP!!!!

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I found "hospice nursing" at a hospice facility to be much less stressful than nursing homes. Good luck!!!

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NurseCard has 13 years experience as a ADN and works as a RN.

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You are right about the resident drama! I worked in a facility for a couple

of months as a shift supervisor. One of my main duties was to handle

resident complaints. We had this one that you would see cruising the

hallways in her wheelchair, with her entourage. She was ALWAYS

stirring up trouble. It was like a little kid.

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Oh, yes - the drama is intense in nursing homes!! I've been an RN for 18 years and only the past 8 months have been spent in the nursing home setting and oh. my. goodness!!!! I've mentioned it to others and everybody tells me it's like this in every single nursing home. It's like being in junior high again.

Honestly - if you're the type of person who truly wants to make a difference in the world, I don't think there's any place you can make more of a difference more easily than in a nursing home. If you're non-dramatic and never feed into any drama at all, and you don't let anybody get a rise out of you and just calmly do your job, you're making a tremendous difference in the lives of others every day without even being able to see it, yourself. Everybody else will see it because they will see and feel how much calmer the unit is when you're on it. You won't see it of course and you might still think there's a lot of drama.

Every day, someone comes up to me and says "I am so glad you're the DON here now. Things are so much calmer with you here," and I think "REALLY?! OMG if you call this calm I'd hate to see what it's like when I'm not here!!!" But hearing that makes me feel like all this stress is actually worth it. And I am so unbelievably relieved when the calmer nurses and aides (of whom there are very few) are working. Those are the ones we will promote - not the smartest, not the fastest - the CALMEST! As long as they get their work done, of course.

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QuietIsntAWord has 5 years experience.

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It takes a certain type of person to be happy working in a nursing home or LTC facility. Yes there is a lot of drama, usually stirred up by the residents themselves, but that's where documentation is key. DOCUMENT DOCUMENT DOCUMENT everything! That way when they have stand up meetings, you can point this out to them and the family members. If it's a staff issue, then don't get into the drama, just report it and keep reporting it.

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