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I'm only a student but from what I understand, the RN is responsible for the actions of the CNA. Delegation of a task to a CNA would not relieve you of responsibility. I'm not sure if this applies in your state but I suggest checking on this before doing anything.


Specializes in LTC.

I am an LPN, I reported it to my RN Supervisor. I had no control over hiring or firings of CNA's, I did not see the neglect, the alert & oriented patients complained to me the next day, I reported their complaints. Does this make any difference? Also if a state person talked with these residents, they could tell them exactly what happened. My Supervisor tried to tell me that neglect ( no HS cares, no oral or bodily hygene, left in wet brief from time put to bed until MN bed checks) was not considered abuse. Is it or isn't it? Ty for responding to my delemia. Any more suggestions out there would also be appreciated.

Nursing Homes Dont Care About Residents. There Only Care About Staying Open And Getting Paid. All This Sh-t Is A Game. Be Strong Enough To Play Or Get Out

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