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I am gutted

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by april2 april2 (New Member) New Member

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At our hospital (foundation trust) there is a policy now that if you take 18 days off sick in a year or 4 seperate episode your increment will be deferred for another 12 months.

I have not taken a day off sick with past 12 months, last sicky was in September 2009. But recently i took 18days off sick (hospital admission), will not be getting my increment until october 2012. In which i will be on top of band 7.

I am gutted.

I understand this policy may be good for those who went off sick often but people with good sickness record are also tarr with same brush.

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english_nurse works as a renal nurse.

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well thats pants.. you cant help being sick!

also doesnt that encourage people with colds/flu/D and V to go to work and infect their patients?

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