I finally got a RN job!


Yeah so going from LPN to RN wasn't as easy as I thought. Most places still wanted RN experience and didn't even consider the LPN experience. Anyway, I had been offered a few positions that I did not take (hoping the right one would come around). The jobs I turned down I just had a bad feeling about or didn't think that was "me". Anyway, I held out for a job I can't wait for (yea I never thought I would actually say that) and I start on Mon! I'm going to be working with juveniles but I think it will be great!:yeah::yeah::yeah::yeah:


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I know what you mean. I've been a RN almost 2 months. I'm still working as a LPN. I work for the V.A. and our particular facility has weird policies about LPN's working as RN's on the same floor. I've applied for another position with another federal agency and right now they are deciding my salary.

It's like i'm in a gray area. Some facilities consider me a nurse with experience (6 years LPN experience in med/surg/tele) and others consider me a "new grad".

Congratulations on your job. Hopefully I'll hear something this week.


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congrats, awesome to hear my fellow lpn has just become an rn, i'm in an rn program as well (not easy either). i don't know why some hospitals act as if lpn experience holds no weight we're nurses aren't we? anyway i'm preparing myself for the same situations when i become an rn, but i'm very happy for ya!! bestest of luck!!:rolleyes:

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Way to go, CoPRN! :D So proud of you!!!



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Congrats!!!:yeah: I am in a similar boat. LPN with almost 2 years of experience. Recently passed boards and now am looking for my dream position. Would really like to work in the ICU and have applied for positions on a CCU and PACU but know that candidates for the positions with RN experience instead of LPN exp. are more attractive. This I feel has a lot to do with hospitals and employers taking there time and really looking for the most qualified candidate. It's kinda scary that they availability/demand for nurses in certain areas just doesn't seem to be as strong as it was even a few months ago.It just kinda sucks....lol.... because we all have to start somewhere!!! Anyway CONGRATS, and I hope sooner than later I have good news to post too!

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