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I finally finished my LVN program...


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uhhhh, but is it normal to feel like you didn't learn enough? Like there's so much more that needs to be mastered...one of my concerns is not being exposed to the various hands-on skills in nursing such as continous bladder irrigations, trache suctioning, etc. Just wondering....

Now on to studying and passing the NCLEX-PN...yeah!! Hurry, someone play a song 'cause I feel like dancin'!

Thanks everyone here on this board who encouraged me and allowed me to vent when the pressure was intense. God bless all of you!

A very grateful graduate in Southern CA :D


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Congrats!! :yeah::yeah:I have 3 weeks left. Can't wait!

I finish on Monday Congrats Everyone....I will be doing a dance as well!!!


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Congrats!!!! I have two weeks left!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy:yeah:


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Congratulations!! :D

Congrats!! I have about 3 weeks left.

Nice! I have about 5 weeks left. Can't wait!


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hi i'm new on here. what exactly is an lvn?

it means licensed vocational nurse. lpn means licensed practical nurse. they both are the same thing...

congratulations!!!!! all of you guys

i have 31 more days to go. yaaaayyyy usss

:heartbeatnina, spn:redbeathe

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Thanks everyone!!!

Hi I'm new here and wanted to know how do I post a new topic.

Congrats!! I just graduated 2 weeks ago as well, and I feel you. I feel like I need more practice, but my friend who is an RN told me that it is normal to feel that way and that it will all come back to you when you are working. Hopefully we end up at a place where our more experienced co-workers are willing to help us out as well.

So do I 12/3/2009, and finished the ATI exam with the highest score in our group.

Hey y"all,

Congratulations to all of you who are finishing the program. Could someone share with me how their program was? I just finished my first semester and I had many days of crying and very very high BP (though I never had a problem with BP before this). I failed almost alll of my skills and had to retake them even the easiest ones. You are taught for a few minutes and expected to know them and well. I did not do too bad in my class tests though. Did any of you have the same experience all you all did very well in your tests. I tried to find out (before I joined the nursing program) from the thread started my pre-LPN students who were eager to share with each other how their first day, semester was but once they started, they never came back even though I kept posting questions to find out who their classes were going. I will really appreciate if someone can come back to me and let me know whether they had ups and downs in their program or is it just me. Thank you for your replies.

I feel like I didn't learn anything at my school, I graduated in august and have been to scared to take the NCLEX. Well i finally scheduled it for this saturday, so we'll see how that goes. 95% of our clinicals were done at a SNF, where they had 2 LVN's working, and almost every time there was one who didn't want students helping her because we would slow her down. Well since there were 15 students, we were always paired with a CNA. I don't mind helping, but I definately did not learn the skills I needed to. I planned on doing a LVN_RN bridge program, but I think it would be better if I just started an RN program from scratch. In the bridge program I would skip the first year and start in the 3rd semester, but I can't imagine starting a class where I wouldn't even have 20% of the clinical experience they do. My situation is different than most. I'm sure that every graduate feels they didn't learn enough.


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I know how you guys feel i just graduated from my lpn program dec 3, 2009 and feel like i don't remember anything

I totally felt that way, and when I expressed my feelings to my DON, she asked me what exactly I felt like I needed help on. At that time I hadn't even done a catheterization yet and told her. She laughed and said that she went the whole way through her Bachelors AND Masters program without doing a foley on a real live person, and that once you get out there in the real world you'll be able to experience that! I was like WHAT??? She made me feel a little bit better, but I was much more relieved when I FINALLY got the opportunity to do a foley in my last few weeks at the hospital. I agree with BettyBoopGirl, I think every graduate feels they didn't learn enough. Good luck!