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I am disappointed with the healthcare here..

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Hello everyone, 

my first RN experience was in psych, lasted there for 9 months. I am still in my current job in rehab for 7 months.. I thought it would get better when I moved to acute rehab hospital because my friend told me she loved it working there. 

But it's not. It's getting worse, if anything. I have manager who loves to pick on me for every little thing. Never write me up for anything, but suddenly I get final written warning. Brought it up to the CNO. While CNO seems to be fair, and said that I shouldn't get the final written warning, nothing really changed. 

Supervisor who's lazy wants me to answer all call light from my pts that resulted me in going home late (she can help, but she just doesn't want to. I can make this statement because I work with another supervisor and he's very helpful. When he knows I'm not available, he quickly steps in to answer call light), then next day I was scolded with manager for working overtime. 

Yesterday I had a pt who had episodes diarrhea (and she's immobile, blessed her heart) and had to change the dressings twice because those are soiled with poops(it's a foam for sacrum, heard it's 15 dollar a piece). The wound care nurse told me that I had to put on something like a glue that made it sticky because we cannot keep changing that dressing. She said it's because the corporate restricts the use of foam dressing for sacrum.

It hit me so hard then.

It's never about patient care. It's business.

I'm honestly disappointed. I don't know whether I'm disappointed because I chose this profession. Or because I've just realized healthcare in America is just another business.

I'm not choosing this profession to make big bucks. I want to be a nurse because I want to be able to comfort my pts when they're at the darkest moments and celebrate their joyous moments. I don't need recognition nor rewards from anyone for helping them because I know that's what I'm supposed to be doing. That's my duty as a nurse. 

I'm so devastated. I don't want to work for profit hospitals anymore. I have another interview for a larger hospital, but I think I will pass the interview. I'm just tired working for profit hospitals. 

I don't know why I'm here. Just for venting, perhaps.

Thanks for reading. 



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Unfortunately, modern medicine is not about patients, it's all about business, same as Planned parenthood is not about planning parenthood, but about business where abortions are their top priority - and main source of income.

There are quality doctors here and there who do not extort money but heal, these doctors are being disposed of this way or another. 

That's sad that you realized this only after you got the education.  It is best to stay away from medicine and doctors altogether. Those trusting doctors are ruins by age 40. I work in the field so I know.

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