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I can answer questions about how I have been bullied

Marbs Marbs (New) New

I can answer questions about how I have been bullied by the evening nurse oncoming after a trying day, as it almost everyday with any where from 13-18 residents I am also responsible for meeting and greeting all who enter because my desk is at front entrance. I have a BS in nursing and love those I serve. I know this nurse is abusive to me, but I am 46 years of age and was taught to "rise above it." I also have survived two abusive relationships in the last ten years, so I ignore her abuses. If I can answer any questions if someone reads this and would like further input from me. I deal with her by reading her tone, deciding if I march down to office and ask DON to observe her until I leave.

BeenThere2012, ASN, RN

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Why not speak up to her? Tell her you feel tension from her on a regular basis and it "borderlines" on bullying. See what she says.

Ruby Vee, BSN

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Why not just TALK to the person you're having issues with?