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I can't believe it !!!


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My Pinning Ceremony is today!!!!!!!!!!

Graduation is tomorrow...I can't believe this day has finally arrived!

Now, if only I could receive a job offer for a position I interviewed for over 2 wks ago...;)

Congratulations to all of the Nov graduates!!!

psalm, RN

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Perhaps the job is waiting for you to pass Nclex? Enjoy your pinning and wait for the call...

Congratulation, I got my pinning in May 2009. Same feelings, can’t believe. Good luck with NCLEX and of course with job!!!!!

CONGRADULATIONS!!! I thought the pinning ceremony was the best part of the whole graduation thing. I had my mother pin me and it was very emotional!! Good job.....pat yourself on the back for me.:yeah:

Congrats! I agree with the previous post, pinning was the best part. I got a bit emotional during the pledge.

I wish you all the best!

As for the job interview you mentioned, keep calling, keep following up!! Let them know you are still interested and still alive! lol