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Hope this is the proper forum for this question.

I had a TSH drawn 6 wks. ago (muscle spasms, fatigue, wt. gain, slurred speech, eye twitching & freezing COLD all the time). The level came back 89.96. I was started on Synthroid 50mcg.

I've been reading a bit online about hypothyroidism now (NOT my speciality. LOL). I can't find ANYONE who's had a level that high. The highest I can find is someone who said thier level was 30. UGH! And doesn't starting me out at such a LOW dose seem too conservative?

Anyway, I guess I was just hoping to hear from some of the nurses who are experienced in endocrine issues....reassure me that I'm not going to turn into a fat, shivering, incoherent blob!! :)

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Don't think you're going to get many responses to that question with the site's TOS and all...ask your pcp for an accurate answer.


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I am so sorry you are going through this, EndoRN. I hope you experience total recovery in 2011. However, we are unable to give medical advice on our board, due to the fact that this is outside of our scope. We care deeply about you and hope you find the answers you need from your provider.

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