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Hypertension/Blown Bypass Graft


Hi everyone,

I am an orient on a Cardiac Surgery step down and have to take an exam next week. They gave us a list of topics to study and there is one particular topic that I'm having a hard time finding information on. The topic is hypertension/blown bypass graft. I am assuming that is post CABG and the hypertension causes the graft to tear leading to hemorrhage. Am I on the right track? Do any of you know of any resources on this topic? I haven't been exposed to it yet but I need to know the signs/symptoms, interventions, what to tell MD, labs to get, etc. If I could just find something on the physiology of it I would be able to figure it out. Any help is much appreciated!!

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Think Cardiac Tamponade


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I second Tamponade

add in reinfarction in the area of the heart where the bypassed vessel was supplying