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Hurst Vs. Kaplan

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Hurst or Kaplan which is better for passing NCLEX

  1. 1. Hurst or Kaplan which is better for passing NCLEX

    • Hurst
    • Kaplan
    • Self study (review books etc)

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I just graduated from school and currently trying to determine the best way to study for NCLEX aka Boards. I'm torn between Hurst & Kaplan which one to go with or just to self study on my own through books I purchased etc.

those are 2 completely different schools, hurst teach content where as Kaplan teaches how to take the test. it would be best to take both if your not so great with content.

Do both. The videos and audio are available online (Sorry, Marlene). Kaplan is, in my opinion, EXACTLY how NCLEX is. Same font, layout, everything. Excellent preparation. However, Kaplan videos are a waste of time. Just spend your money on the Q Bank.

Hurst for content, Kaplan for questions, Allnurses study guide for last minute mnemonics and tips..


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Do both. Also, add in NCSBN Learning Extension. It's definitely helpful for content and questions.