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HURST or SAUNDERS 6th edition


Hi guys! Im really undecisive right now whether to use HURST or SAUNDERS 6th edition for content review. Please tell me which is better if youve used any of the 2 and pass the exam. And im planning to study for minimum of 1month so im trying to think which review id be able to finish by then


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Read the reviews on amazon. I love Saunder

Agreed, I love Saunders-for content review. I haven't tried Hurst, but Kaplan is what I used for questions- they were very similar if not harder than the q's on the actual nclex.

yea Ive read reviews and both are pretty good, its hard to decide which is better

really? maybe ill go for saunders then cuz as much as possible I wanna use 1 review material only