Hughes Medical Center in Anguilla, BVI

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Good day,

I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. I found a job offer for Hughes Medical Center in Anguilla, British Virgin Islands. They have an opening there for an OR nurse.

The agency says they're letting me apply because of my experience in the surgical ward and operating room (current).

I'm just wondering if anyone is already working there or has worked there. I'm kind of looking for information about it. Such as tax, safety etc.

The agency tells me that the basic pay is $1,250 and $250 food allowance. Free transport and accommodations.

Hopefully someone here will have information about it.

Thank you very much.



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First of all, Anguilla IS NOT in the British Virgin Islands. It's an island in the northeastern Caribbean that is an overseas territory of the United Kingdom.

It's a rather small island that's very rural by today's standards. Their main industry is tourism, for the reason that they have one of the best and most stunning beaches in the world. I guess you will be rather be bored working and living their as the place is not urbanized. I've been their several times and it's only the beaches that we're after. Not much restaurant, close to zero night life. I don't even know if they have a cinema.

However, despite being not so developed, the island has a high standard of living. Thus the offer they gave you for the salary is not enough, even if you have free transport and housing.

All these I'm sharing because I lived and worked in an island beside them, St. Martin. St. Martin and Anguilla are contrasting environments. St. Martin is alive and vibrant, a rather modern place with modern amenities compared to the other islands nearby.

Just my 2cents.

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if i may ask what agency is this?



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I forgot, didn't pursue ot because they haven't contacted me anymore. I think it had a star something. I guess starmanpower something