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How to Transition from Nursing Into Being an Independent Wellness Practitioner

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Specializes in Wellness and Coaching for Women in their Third Act. Has 54 years experience.

I have made the shift into Wellness from bedside nursing out of desperation after being overwhelmed with caring for illnesses that could have been prevented. There was always an inside voice saying to me - "Is this all there is?"  Obviously, I needed to find out what my true path was so I could be a better health advocate.

Are you living your true calling?

Here is a short video of my story.  


Dr Georgianna Donadio, PhD

Specializes in Whole Health and Behavioral Health.

Hello Carol,
Great articles! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experience.
Would love to get in touch with you but don't know how. If you can
email me that would also work: gd@niwh.org

I look forward to speaking with you.
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