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How to Study for HESI PHARM and FUND.....any tips?


Is there any study materials out there that helped you pass the HESI for PHARMACOLOGY and FUNDAMENTALS with flying colors? We keep asking our instructors how to prepare for it but they keep saying not to worry about it and that there's no way to cover everything (even though the HESI grade factors in to our final grade. I want to do well on the HESI.

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The HESI study book came with a code for their website that had a ton of questions with rationale. It will help you get used to the format of the questions and some did repeat themselves on the HESI exams I noticed.

For pharmacology, if you know the drug prototypes from your texts and the nursing process boxes you should be in good shape.

The fundamentals was broad, but the HESI study booklet (if I was remember correctly it's only 300 pages or so, plus the online tutorial) has a review and HESI "hints" boxes.

Hope this helps. The only HESI that I found hard was the mental health, but our instructors also forwarned us about that one being difficult.